Schuyff, Quaranta, Cover

Peter Schuyff

Forty Watercolors. Amsterdam, 03-05 2020

Including A Hunger Artist by Scott Griffin

Edited by Wilfried Dickhoff & Stevie Guy

Format: 402 x 300 mm hard-cover
88 Pages / 82 Reproductions

Designed by Wilfried Dickhoff

Typeface Avenir
Printed on Munken Kristall by Druckhaus Sportflieger, Berlin

Edition: 400 copies

© wdpress, Berlin 2021

ISBN 978-3-9818181-6-1
Price 98,00 €

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"When we locked down, a day after the opening of my show at White Cube, I was inclined to take measure. These watercolors are samplers from my biggest hits, an account of my best assets. Tiny arithmetic but lots of it. I’m knitting while waiting for the war to end."
Peter Schuyff